The PR Desk: Make it better

The Catalyst One Day conference was enlightening. Pastors Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel spoke about what characteristics make a great leader. Sitting among my co-workers, and hundreds of other local leaders, I found myself shrinking back into my seat thinking, “Why am I here? Am I even a leader?”  One of the messages they shared is […]

Snow Hysteria

Snow hysteria that’s what Denver news agencies dubbed the feverish activity this weekend as Front Range residents prepared for one of the largest snow storms to hit Denver in several years. Groceries were purchased; gas tanks filled; weekend plans cancelled – all in preparation for the impending snow. Few seem excited for the weather: most […]

The PR Desk: The Journey

A few Fridays ago, I sat among 100 people to honor and celebrate Jeremiah. Jeremiah once sacrificed his family, his children and his well-being for drugs. His home was raided three times. During one of the raids, his son was taken away from him. The cry Jeremiah heard from his son that night is a […]

Denver Rescue Mission Statistics