Lawrence Street Community Center Approved

Praise the Lord! The  Zoning Appeal Board met this week and approved the building of the Lawrence Street Community Center. We are so excited to have a safe place for the homeless during the day. A place where their human dignity can be restored. Where they can have access to simple things like bathrooms, water, […]

The PR Desk | Cleaning desks to provide meals

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Eldorado Elementary in Highlands Ranch. The school hosted a turkey and canned food drive for Thanksgiving. They asked if we could come and talk to the kids at their assembly. I have to say, speaking in front of kids is sometimes more intimidating than adults. But once […]

The Holidays

I read this article from The Denver Post. Since I started at the Mission, my thoughts about the holidays have shifted. I use to think that everyone loved the holidays, that everyone felt the little warm fuzzies from memories of Christmases past. But then you have conversations. Real, honest conversations. For the homeless and families […]

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