The PR Desk: The Very Last

My desk drawers are empty as I clean out and wrap up my few last days working at the Mission. There is a season for everything and after almost four years it’s time to transition into something new—something unknown and unfamiliar. There is excitement for the future and sadness for leaving behind everything I have […]

An Example to Follow

Recently, I’ve been filling in for the Harvest Farm Kitchen Supervisor who has been out of the office with an illness. I am not known for my culinary excellence, so these past few weeks have been an interesting experience for me, especially in terms of time management—I still have my regular job to do. On the […]

The PR Desk: Easter at the Mission

My husband and I have been living in Colorado for almost four years, but most of our family still resides in Wisconsin. We try and get back for Christmas, but Easter is always difficult since we typically don’t receive a holiday day off. So, we stay in Colorado and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection with our community […]

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