Mother’s Day Magic!

“Mom turned upside down is WOW!” The definition of mom in the Webster’s Dictionary reads, “One’s mother.” But for those who work at Denver Rescue Mission, we believe the definition of “mom” goes much further than that. In fact, we’d go as far to say the moms we serve embody true love and compassion. They […]

“We Are Columbine!”

Twenty years ago on April 20, 1999, news broke out across the nation of the tragedy at Columbine High School. I was just ten years old at the time, living in Ohio, more than a thousand miles away from the events that took place here in Littleton. I was actually out of school for the […]

Letter From the CEO: May 2019

  Letter from the CEO Dear Friends, I am often asked, “How do we solve the issue of homelessness?” During my 20 years at the Mission, I have learned there is no single solution to solving this complex issue. If there was, we would have used it to solve this problem! Helping people experiencing homelessness […]

Moving Forward: How We Work Together To Change Lives

When she speaks, Margarita does so with a wisdom that only comes with age. She’s from Barcelona and moved to the states to go to college (she graduated from UC Berkeley). She used to live in a duplex, but when they raised the rent, Margarita could no longer afford to pay it. She’s been experiencing […]

Easter Egg Hunt Brings Happiness & Excitement

The afternoon rain had just stopped and groves of kids from the Mission’s STAR Transitional Program started to skip down The Crossing’s sunroom hallway. As they passed the windows, they would stop, point and look out at the amphitheater courtyard. There outside in the grass were brightly-colored, neon Easter eggs freckled among the grass. You […]

We Hit Our Neighborhood Cleanup Out Of The Ballpark!

Cleaning up trash first thing on a Saturday morning the day after the Colorado Rockies home opener is not everyone’s idea of the perfect weekend plan. Especially when there’s a lot to pick up! But, for some, they are more than prepared to “step up to bat” and clean the neighborhood. For the past 13 […]

Celebrating The Best Of The Best Volunteers- We are lucky to have YOU!

It’s National Volunteer Week! Denver Rescue Mission and Fort Collins Rescue Mission are celebrating all of our incredible volunteers. It’s simple— our volunteers are heroes. We could not change lives in the name of Christ without the help of our volunteers. From standing outside for our Thanksgiving Turkey Drive to waking up early and staying late […]

Initiative 300 – Not A Solution

At Denver Rescue Mission people are first! People who face challenges such as mental illness, addiction, domestic violence, family breakup, job loss, and more. We have been serving people with these needs for 127 years. It’s not just what happens inside of our walls that matters but also outside our walls. On May 7, the […]

Moments of Beauty: Helping Homeless Neighbors Feel Known, Seen and Loved

  WE ALL HAVE THOSE MOMENTS—YOUR WEDDING DAY, YOUR GRADUATION, YOUR BIRTHDAY—MOMENTS WITH FESTIVITIES AND CROWDS, DANCING AND SINGING. But as you know, most days aren’t filled with such pageantry. We go to work. We go to the grocery store. We go to church, the dentist, the gas station. We pay bills, make dinner, do  the dishes, […]

Letter From the CEO: April 2019

  Letter from the CEO Dear Friends, We have been using a phrase at Denver Rescue Mission that talks about hope. We like to say that Hope Starts Here! We like it so much we even put it on a staff t-shirt as a reminder that hope is alive and  well at the Mission. When […]