The Ripple Effect

Ripple effects happen often. We see them here at the Mission all the time. One person wants to serve and then, well the whole family or company is involved. Scott Baca, owner of American Appliance in Wheat Ridge, wanted to support the Denver Broncos Youth Center at The Crossing. He wanted to find ways to […]

The PR Desk | Christmas Blessings

Christmas time can be difficult for people at the Mission. It can bring up past memories or be a reminder of current situations. Let’s be honest, not everyone wants to spend the holidays at Denver Rescue Mission. But as our President Brad put it, we are so glad you are here. We are glad people […]

New In Town

  The term “Coloradan” still feels uncomfortable in my mouth as I slowly try to pronounce each syllable properly. The first time I heard it in a campaign ad I must admit I chuckled. It just sounded funny to me. But I guess I can’t laugh long because that’s what I am now: A Coloradan. […]

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