Grateful for a safe place, together

I had the pleasure of spending¬†a few afternoons with Faith and Olivia while they were interviewed and photographed by The Denver Post. These two really brightened my week. Their family is living at The Crossing and participating in the transitional program. While they don’t have a ton of space, Faith is extremely grateful to be […]

The Myth

Last week, the mornings at the Farm were much cooler. These are the days were coffee tastes better, sweatshirts and jeans feel more natural, and soups on the stove once again smell like heaven after a relatively soupless four months. The birds huddle closely to each other on the corral fences and the bees stay […]

Two are Better Than One

Have you ever heard, two are better than one? What we do alone is multiplied when the hands of many contribute their time, talents and resources. In fact, we see this ever day here at the Mission. You donate money or time to the Mission and the work of changing lives in the name of […]

Denver Rescue Mission Statistics