Adventures of a Rescue Rider :: Day 8

  Today, not only did we ride through the Roosevelt National Forest, we hit State Forest State Park, Poudre Canyon, and Horsetooth Reservoir. Whew! On day 8 of Break The Cycle, we biked 82 miles with an elevation gain of 4,042 feet. What a powerful week it’s been! This has been a very good example of accomplishing goals, not […]

Adventures of a Rescue Rider :: Day 7

Six years ago, President & CEO of Denver Rescue Mission, Brad Meuli, and I were casually talking about a solo cross country bike trip that I made in 1999. Out of that conversation, Break the Cycle was born. It took a few years, several scouting trips, and many meetings over burritos to get the event […]

Adventures of a Rescue Rider :: Day 6

As we neared the end of Day 5, having just finished our big climb of the day, and powering through the Yampa Valley at an ungodly pace – we were all beat. Beat because we had ridden 475 miles over 5 days; beat because the heat was only marginally more relentless than the wind; beat because […]

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