Dignifying our neighbors

End Homelessness, Don’t Hide It, Denver… We could not agree more!

The Lawrence Street Shelter Community Center will meet the needs of the homeless population, providing a safe place from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. The courtyard will be heated and under surveillance. It will include showers and restrooms – so the homeless have a dignified place to wash up like you do!

The courtyard will also give Mission employees an opportunity to build and foster relationships with the guests, sharing information and resources with hopes to bring people back to self-sufficiency.

Did you know that the homeless are often victims? Drug dealers prey on them. People steal the little belongings they have. Some are even beat up. The new center will offer them a safe place.

Denver Rescue Mission doesn’t want to hide the homeless. In fact, we want to share their real stories…publicly. We have a huge responsibility to our community here in Denver to raise awareness about homelessness and the issues surrounding it. The last thing we want to do is hide people, away from the very community they need.

We want to give the homeless second chances. We want to help them rebuild their lives. We want to provide resources and opportunities for them to succeed. We want to dignify everyone. In fact, for 122 years we have been serving the men, women and families who could benefit from the Community Center. And for 122 years, we have had a community that rallies around each other – believing in second chances and hope.

Are you with us?


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Rachel’s Lens // Easter!

It’s been a busy week here at the Mission!

I went up to Fort Collins Rescue Mission last night to photograph the Easter Banquet. What a sweet time it was!


I’m headed out now for round two: our annual Easter Banquet at the Lawrence Street Shelter. We’ll be washing feet, serving up hot plates of delicious food, handing out new socks and shoes, and giving the kids Easter baskets.

This is by far my favorite holiday of the year; what a blessing to celebrate with so many people! Follow us throughout the day to see all the exciting activities on Facebook and Twitter!

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