The PR Desk: The Roof

 Sometimes in PR, you get to do fun and exciting things. Then there are days that just aren’t my fave. (We all have those,  right?) Earlier this week, during a snowstorm, I went up on the roof of the Lawrence Street Shelter with our photographer to  figure out where to place a camera for a […]

The PR Desk | Sober Friends, Sober Dads and Sober Grandpas

I spent my morning at Harvest Farm celebrating Frank’s new life. The room was filled with mostly men who are also in pursuit of a new life. When Frank first came to the Program, he was angry and battling an alcohol addiction. He had lost his faith and left relationships behind. He tried rehabs before, […]

The Fridge

When my oldest son, Jake, returned home for Thanksgiving during his freshman year at college, he went straight to the refrigerator. He opened the door, looked at the abundance of food contained inside, sighed, then turned to his three brothers and sister and said, “You really have no idea how good you have it, or […]

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