Three Things to Give the Homeless Other Than Money

One of the most common concerns Denver Rescue Mission staff members get goes something like this, “I want to help the homeless woman (or man) I see standing on the corner, but I don’t want to give them money, how can I help?” It’s a great question, and it comes from a good place. People […]

Veteran Finds Hope & Stability Through ‘Next Step’ service.

Donald’s childhood was not fair. His step-father was addicted. Every time the welfare check showed up in the mailbox, his step-dad would be the first to grab it, using all of it on drugs. “When I was 18, I joined the Air Force,” says Donald. “But only because I wanted to get out of the […]


November is for thankfulness And we want to thank you for giving because, without you, we wouldn’t be able to impact the lives of thousands of people.   TURKEY DRIVE 15,000. That’s how many frozen fowl we’re hoping to collect this year, and we need your help! Each turkey will be given to an individual […]

Phillip Tello’s Story of Transformation

Below is an excerpt of Harvest Farm graduate Phillip Tello’s story which he recounted at an event on October 6, 2018. We hope his story encourages you as we work together to provide opportunity for our neighbors who struggle with homelessness and poverty.  “When I was 27, I was introduced to crystal meth. The first time […]

Shane Ray on Why Denver Rescue Mission Matters

“I know what it feels like to grow up and not always have things that you need. I also know the importance of having a role model. My mom, who was a single parent, worked hard to get promotions and make more money to provide for us. When I was kid, she would wake up […]

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