When one falls down the other can help him up

Monday started in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, at the base of Bridge of the Gods. After paying our $.50/bike toll to cross the bridge, we entered Washington, the final state along our journey. It’s the next to the last day, and it was the hardest: 103 miles and 10,090 vertical feet of climbing!  One might […]

Break the Cycle // The Support Team

Every good team has support. The Rescue Riders have Jeremy and Tanner. These two Mission employees have come on this journey to serve the riders, putting safety first and the riders needs before their own. Tanner Cogsdil Struggle. That is the word stuck in my mind during this trip. Everyday I watch the Rescue Riders […]


Yesterday we rested in Eugene, Oregon. So far it’s been a lot of moaning a groaning about how stiff and achy we are. The long distances, cold, rain, and saddle soars are keeping us thoroughly exhausted. A rest day is certainly in order. We live in a fast-paced world and rest rarely seems to be on […]

Denver Rescue Mission Statistics