Compassion + Dignity | Two Meager and Powerful Offerings

Written by Amy Lynch, Mission employee I opened the door to my office and audibly sighed, Lord, what did you get me into? My eyes scanned the file drawer bulging with unorganized pamphlets, a desk littered with bits of paper, all covered with notes from ladies that have stayed here overnight. I read a few: […]

When work becomes mundane

Monday through Friday my alarm is set for 5:00 a.m. After a few snoozes, I wake up, go for a walk, read Jesus Calling, drink coffee, make lunches, get ready for work, fight traffic (I loathe traffic), and start my day at the Mission. I love my job, but like most jobs, the routines and […]

New series, but first blankets

More on the new series next week because right now, we have a great need. The temperatures are dropping and the heat is going up – at least at my house.  You see, the reality is many people right here in Denver don’t have the luxury of turning up the heat or pulling out blankets […]

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