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Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind, for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things. Psalm 107: 8-9 (NIV)

We serve thousands of meals daily.
All with your donations.
Ever wonder how it happens?


It begins with donations…

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Donations come from two places, food banks and people just like you. When food arrives at our Ministry Outreach Center, it’s unloaded and sorted.



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Jacob, our Warehouse Food Coordinator, and his team of volunteers sort through all the donations. “We’re checking for quality and expiration date,” says Jacob. “We’re finding out what’s safe to use and what’s not.” Depending on how big a donation is, it can take anywhere from just a few hours to three days to sort. When finished, the items are placed in their designated location within the warehouse.


creating a menu…

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Because we rely on donations, our chefs are tasked with the challenge of starting with ingredients first and then creating a menu based off of what we have available. In total, Denver Rescue Mission has nine chefs on staff in Denver, three located at The Crossing and six at the Lawrence Street Community Center. Every day, one chef from each location does a walk-through at the Ministry Outreach Center, selecting which ingredients they want to use for that day’s meals. Once they make their order, the items are loaded onto one of our trucks and transported to the kitchens. When the truck arrives, the items are unloaded and put in one of two places— cold or dry storage.


prepping and cooking…

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When the truck arrives, the items are unloaded and put in one of two places— cold or dry storage. Two hours before each meal, prepping begins.  Vegetables are chopped. Meat is seasoned. Ovens are warmed. Then, it’s our talented chefs’ time to shine.

Serving starts with you: Give now and your gift will feed people experiencing poverty.

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We asked Jeremy, the Mission’s Assistant Food Services Manager, to tell us his favorite part of the job:


“Being able to serve somebody food that you poured your heart into is a special thing.  The hope is that our meals provide a sense of dignity and respect to the people we serve; I think that’s what matters most.”

Your giving does more than fill stomachs. Chris, one of our friend’s experiencing homelessness had this to say:


“The food is good. It really
is, and it feels good to come
off the street and be acknowledged
by good-hearted people.”


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