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A Car Changes Everything

Written by: Pierce O'Farrill, Vehicle Donation Coordinator

The Vehicle Donation Program started in 1998 with several objectives in mind. First and foremost, a vehicle provides reliable transportation for graduates and it allows increased employment and basic life opportunities. We’ve also seen an immediate spike in graduation rates! The New Life Program and STAR Transitional Program take dedication and hard work; receiving a car when they graduate is their light at the end of the tunnel.

“I am the new owner of a car all because of someone’s donation and I am grateful…I feel like a kid at Christmas,” says Gary, New Life Program Graduate. “This opportunity has opened new doors for me and everything is looking brighter.”

A donated vehicle has the power to change a life. An old truck that has been sitting in a donor’s driveway collecting dust for years can look like a brand new Cadillac to a graduate and can improve their quality of life exponentially.

The Vehicle Donation Program is entirely dependent on the wonderful donors who have the generosity to gift us a vehicle. We are very grateful for every single one of them and we strive to make the process quick and easy. We will take any car, truck, van, motorcycle or recreational vehicle, whether it runs, or not! We come to the donor and pick up the car, even if it needs to be towed. The paperwork is simple and only takes five minutes and in addition to helping the Mission, the donor may qualify for a tax deduction.

Help put someone in the driver's seat by donating a your car! It will change a life.

There are many great reasons to donate a vehicle and be a part of changing lives with Denver Rescue Mission! If you ever have an unused or unwanted vehicle or know someone who has one, it would be a real blessing if you would consider the Denver Rescue Mission’s Vehicle Donation Program and help us continue to change lives!

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