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Rachel’s Lens // It snowed this week!

Written by, Rachel Greiman, Writer/Photographer

So Wednesday was May 1st. And it snowed. Not like, “Oh cool! It’s flurrying in May!” kind of snow. More like, “Do I really need to wear boots and scrape the ice off my car?!” kind of snow.

I had packed my sweaters up and pulled out my flip-flops. I was ready for summer, not expecting a storm at this time of year. But this seems to be a winter that just won’t end. We’ve had 80 degree days interspersed with sudden storms for the last month. My sinuses and allergies have no idea what to think and I’ve been sick multiple times.

Can you imagine dealing with these sudden weather changes if you spent the majority of your time outside? If you had to carry all of your possessions in a small backpack? Can you imagine trying to be prepared for winter and summer for an entire month? I whine about the changing temperatures. But does my life depend on being prepared? Absolutely not.

Our shelters have to be prepared for a massive influx one night and a calm one the next. We have to make sure we are staffed appropriately, enough meals are made, linens are washed, and systems are firing on all cylinders. The more extreme the conditions, the more support Denver Rescue Mission needs.

Though as a city we are all collectively crossing all fingers and toes that there will be no more snow, we covet your prayers and support in times like this!