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Rachel’s Lens // Part Two // Be Courageous

Written by, Rachel Greiman, Writer/Photographer

As you read in Aneta’s post, a bunch of us from Denver Rescue Mission were at the 2013 Global Leadership Summit last week.

I know I’ve had a good week when I’m ready for bed at 6:00 p.m. on a Friday night, :). The Summit was two days packed with information…gooood information. To keep myself engaged with the 75,000 other people around the world listening to these speakers, I live-tweeted throughout both days.

To keep from inundating you with quotes, I’ll pick out a few and describe why they were meaningful to me.Dr. Brené Brown was probably the speaker I was most excited to hear. I’ve watched her TEDTalk about 1,000 times and I currently have two of her books on hold at the library. (Don’t worry, there are only about 117 people ahead of me in that queue.) She did not disappoint. She spoke about shame, love, humility, and aspirations. This particular quote resonated with me because so often we seek out ways to be more comfortable in life. But we all know that true fulfillment and satisfaction comes from accomplishment, which cannot come without difficulty. I hope and pray that I disregard comfort and embrace challenge throughout my life.First, I read someone else’s tweet that said, “When espresso needs to wake up it drinks a Bob Goff.” And it’s true! This was the most energetic speaker I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. He was full of life. And grace. I feel like the last couple years of my life have been full of lessons in grace. Maybe that’s because I got married? Kidding…love you Trav. But seriously. I’ve been learning that I’m far less gracious with others when I give myself no room to fail. And that’s why I love this comment of his. We’re all still learning, growing and developing. This isn’t just for leaders. As a friend, daughter, wife, coworker, and believer…I needed to hear this. I need to tattoo this somewhere on my brain. None of us have all the answers. None of us are the people we want to be all the time. NONE OF US ARE PERFECT. I just thought this thought was so perfect…we’re all in this together!This one nailed me, right between the eyes. As a 26-year-old woman, what does our culture tell me to care about? My hair. My clothes. My job. My success. Me, me, me. What does God call me to care about? His Kingdom. His glory. His people. Him, Him, Him. If I’ll be honest (if YOU’LL be honest), my attention is more on that first list than the second one. My vocation needs to be bigger than my desires to impress those around me. If the culture of the world—or my community, or my office, or my family, or my church—has more influence on my decisions than my faith, then it’s time to reevaluate my path.

Does your calling trump the culture around you? Do you have grace for those you serve with or work for? Have you made a courageous decision lately that wasn’t comfortable?

I want to hear from you!