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Mayor Hancock Says Wear Your Pajamas or Get Arrested!

Danielle Charbonneau Public Relations Intern

Tomorrow, February 7th, marks Denver Road Home’s 8th annual PJ Day, a colossal fundraiser aimed at raising over $600,000 for Denver’s homeless. Denver’s Road Home is not, as its name implies, a home: Rather it is the City’s collaborative and admirable plan to end homelessness in ten years. Created in 2005 by the Denver Commission to End Homelessness, the plan, which was carefully crafted by over 350 different community organizations, is already 7 years into its 10 year goal. That makes now as important a time as ever to rally for the cause. PJ Day is the largest fundraiser of the year for Denver’s Road Home, and is an awesome, fun opportunity to show your support!

Get involved!
The easiest way to participate is — surprise, surprise – to wear your pajamas. By sporting your most stylish night wear on Feb. 7th, you’ll send a message to all those who witness that you support Denver’s mission to end homelessness. The goal is to remind our community that not all our neighbors have warm pajamas or a cozy pillow to enjoy at night: Some, roughly 13,000 in Denver, are homeless.

Denver’s Mayor, Michael B. Hancock, rallied for the community’s support while at Denver Rescue Mission’s Lawrence Street Shelter today, joking that anyone not wearing pajamas will be arrested! And, watch out, because the mayor might just wear a onesie:

For more information on homelessness and how you can support PJ Day, visit

Celebrating 1,000 and Counting

Written by: Andrew Neal, Congregation Relations Coordinator FSHI

In April, the Family and Senior Homeless Initiative (FSHI); a partnership between Denver Rescue Mission, Denver’s Road Home and the Mayor’s Clergy Council, celebrated moving our 1,000th family/senior into permanent housing. Community partners, mentor teams, past program participants, and city representatives gathered together at the City and County Building to commemorate this truly remarkable milestone, which was reached far more quickly than anticipated – three and half years early!

While we have already achieved our initial goal, we also recognize that there is still more to be done.  As we celebrate the successes of the past, we also prepare to serve more homeless families and seniors in the future. We will set our sights on achieving a new goal:  1,500 homeless families and seniors in permanent housing by 2015. This new goal will not be reached without the continued support of the faith community in the Metro Denver area.  We’ve partnered with 350 congregations and businesses, but are focused on extending our mentoring partnerships.

Mayor Michael B. Hancock with families mentored and housed through FSHI

Mentor teams empower instead of enable, and love instead of judge families and seniors. For this reason, 86 percent of families and seniors are still in permanent housing one year later. God has blessed this ministry with mentors who open their hearts and homes to the homeless.

While we continue to celebrate the 1,000 families and seniors whose lives have been changed, we will look to the future with excitement and expectation.

1,000 – It seems like such a large number, but every day I am reminded each of those 1,000 families and seniors, has a name, each name has a story, and each story is a reflection of God’s everlasting love.

The 1,000 families and seniors has a name and story that reflects God's everlasting love.

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