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Rachel’s Lens // Losers & Miracles

Written by, Rachel Greiman, Writer/Photographer

A few weeks ago, I was brought in on a super-secret project here at Denver Rescue Mission. We were having an all-staff meeting and our Senior Leadership team decided they wanted to have a little fun.

They asked a handful of employees to do on-camera interviews about why they love their job. What these participants didn’t know was that our group of senior leaders danced behind them the whole time.

I edited the video down to showcase only their best moves and we played it for the whole staff at our annual meeting. It was a hit! If you’re interested in seeing it, click here.

Though the video didn’t play the audio, the staff was truly speaking from the heart and said some incredible things about their work. Yesterday, I was looking through the videos for some good sound bites and came across Brad Rhoda, the Manager of Operations at Harvest Farm, saying something that blew me away. The man is a poet. I mean, maybe not really, but he probably should be. He was answering the question, “What makes you want to come to work?”

His quote: “I really believe that I work at a miracle – I participate in a miracle every day that I come here – because these are ‘losers.’ These are people that are worthless according to what the world has told them. And that’s a lie. I defy anybody to challenge me on that because all you have to do is look at what we’ve done here, together with ‘worthless’ people.”

I think about all the people I’ve met since working here: staff, program participants, volunteers, donors – not one could ever be considered worthless. Each group is a thread running through this great tapestry, forming a beautiful picture of community. Like Brad, seeing this community come to life at Denver Rescue Mission every day is truly watching a miracle take place. It’s a miracle to watch our participants fight life’s hardest battles and come out smiling.