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Community. Seems like a catch phrase these days, but it’s important and we all want need it.

Denver Rescue Mission is about forging community. We believe having a healthy community can help sustain sobriety, keep each other on the straight and narrow. Community is powerful. It can make or break you.

At the Mission we see strong communities form all around us and this week we saw Denver Broncos players build community with men, women and families at The Crossing, a transitional living facility.

Men, women and families were enjoying a catered dinner in their blue and orange and as soon as the players and Miles enter the room, faces light up.

Autographs were signed. Photos were snapped. Gingerbread cookies were decorated. And then I couldn’t find two of the players. I heard one of the kids tell me that they were outside. I stepped out and found them tossing the football with the kids under the stars.

You see, they didn’t just come for the fame and glory because kids don’t care about that. They don’t notice their numbers on their jerseys. They see them as¬†friends. You can see that in their gazes and the way they lay their heads on their shoulders.

We need community – all of us do. We thrive when we all jump in and care for one another.

As the players left, I handed them thank you notes. They were surprised. They were just there to give.