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Break the Cycle // Day Two // Lesson from the Road

Written by Tom Webb, DRM Board Member

Day two is done and what a contrast from day one. About the same distance – 75 miles but half the ride time as day 1 thanks to a big tail wind and only 2,200 feet of climbing. Super chilly to start as the temp was 38 degrees and all were wearing everything we could get our hands on – we looked like mummies on bikes.

Brian, our resident birder, pointed out a flock of pelicans near lake Antero while the rest of us wolfed down day old pizza at one of the stops. It’s a good reminder to look up. Did you know that day old meat-lovers pizza is excellent with vanilla Gu gel on top?

Today’s scenery was magnificent. All you have to do is look up and be amazed at God’s creativity that is surrounding us. It’s easy to become fixed on just the road in front of you that you so easily miss the grandeur that is all around. There is a lesson in that fact about life too. We become so fixed on the things right in front of us that we miss the big picture – we miss the  blessing that God is doing if we only look up.

The book of Acts says “…in him we live, move and have our being.” When I ride the bike, I think about that. I also think Jesus would be a bike rider, but he would look far better in lycra than we do.


Break the Cycle stretches so much further than the 900-mile road. Our hearts and minds will be focused on those who come to the Mission for food, shelter, clothing, and life-changing programs. Our goal is to provide 20,000 meals to the hurting and homeless in our community!

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