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Rachel’s Lens // First Friday

First FridaysI’m currently out of the country, but fear not: I’ve still made a list of things for you to read this week. Presenting, the past month’s best articles, says me:

1. I constantly battle being busy. And it’s awful…and selfish, it turns out. This is the best article I’ve read about the true root of our busy Christian lives. So convicting!

2. A different, but very real and troubling story about homelessness.

3. This might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on the internet.

Have you found anything amazing on the web this month?


Celebrating Christmas // #ServeDenver`

This weekend, I celebrated Christmas. I wasn’t around a roaring fire, exchanging gifts with my family, or drinking eggnog. It was a different kind of celebration with people I just met – people that can never repay me.

My small group from church signed up to adopt two families for the Mission’s Christmas outreach – Adopt-a-Family. This past weekend, we shopped and wrapped the gifts, and dropped them off.

We arrived at the first family’s house. We rang the doorbell and Domingo welcomed us into his home, insisting we sat down. We passed out the gifts and prayed with this sweet family. Before we left, they handed us thank you notes. My friend and I left and sat in my car with tears in our eyes. We were overwhelmed by their joy.

Off to the next family. We knocked and heard the three children cheering that we were there. They invited us in and two hours later we left! We spent time listening to them read us their stories and tried our hardest to build a ginger bread house.

This weekend, I was reminded that it’s not the tangible gifts that define Christmas or where I celebrate, but the love that we share and extend to others. This weekend changed my life.

Thank you to everyone who helped 500 families have a merrier and brighter Christmas!

aafI want to hear from you! How do you serve your community? Leave a comment here or post on twitter using #ServeDenver.


The Real Christmas

November and December seem to be the busiest times of year for me and I am assuming many others. People are busy running errands, planning parties, going to parties, and the endless gift shopping. Sometimes, I get so busy at Christmas that I forget I am celebrating and remembering the greatest gift – Jesus.

Last year, my small group decided to do an outreach together for  Christmas and it just so happened that Denver Rescue Mission had the perfect outreach: Adopt-A-Family. We signed up.

We were matched with a family, read their story and received their wish lists!

My friends and I picked a group shopping date and picked out gifts for the family. There was something so special shopping for someone I have never met. Choosing gifts for him was far better than shopping for some people on my own list.

A few weeks after we dropped off all the gifts at the family’s home. They were waiting for us and I hate to think that the children in the family wouldn’t have a gift to open on Christmas morning. I know that Christmas isn’t really about gifts, but the gifts we gave represented community, love and hope – all things that represent Jesus.

I am telling you about my experience not to receive a pat on the back or recognition, but to inspire you to gather some friends and bless another family this Christmas! You won’t regret it!

Right now, we NEED 200 sponsors to adopt families! Sign up here.

((photos taken by the Mission’s photographer, Rachel))

young boy


family girl pointing  presents coming