Rebuilding and Restoring Relationships

Written by Valerie Cabrera, Public Relations Intern

One significant way Denver Rescue Mission changes lives in the name of Christ is by putting broken families back together again. This includes giving grandfathers back to their grandchildren and fathers back to their sons and daughters.

Mike was just 16 years old when he became a father. Life took a drastic turn, though, when he began drinking and dropped out of high school. He was homeless, lost jobs, and went in and out of church rehab programs until finally, in accordance with his brother’s dying wish, he sought long-term help in the New Life Program. Two months into his stay, the daughter he had never met called him; after nearly 25 years, she had tracked him down, wanting to get to know him.

Together we are giving Mike a second chance to become the man his daughter was looking for after all these years; a man with a GED and sobriety, a deeper love for people around him, and a sense of urgency for positive action.

“The New Life Program, isn’t just something to do. It’s your life. When I finish up here, my daughter and I are planning on meeting for the first time,” Mike said with anticipation in his voice.

During Spring Graduation, as Jeff, a 2013 New Life Program graduate, explained “I’m not stinky, grumpy, old Uncle Jeff anymore,” his grandniece and nephew ran up and hugged him with emotion and tears in their eyes. It was true. He was fun Uncle Jeff who loved to take them fishing and who had worked so hard to become a man they could be proud of; a man who had overcome a past full of mistakes, addiction, stubbornness, and overwhelming tragedy and who’s future was brighter than ever.

A lot of us wouldn’t be the man or woman we are if we hadn’t had a Mike or an Uncle Jeff, a father-figure who was ready to take a long hard look at himself and figure out how to be the man we needed him to be. At Denver Rescue Mission, we give those fathers the resources, guidance, and prayer necessary for that redemptive journey.

We give men an opportunity to restore relationships with their families!

Mike receiving his GED certificate at the Mission's graduation.

Mike receiving his GED certificate at the Mission’s graduation.

Jeff with grandniece and nephew at the Mission's graduation.

Jeff with grandniece and nephew at the Mission’s graduation.

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