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I know it probably feels like I’ve written about Graduation Day multiple times in this series, but I just can’t help it…it’s my favorite two days each year! It’s such an amazing celebration of the hard work of life change that our program participants have done over the course of  years.

I went to our graduation celebration this morning to take pictures and cheer on all the accomplishments of our grads, but I’m also going to another special ceremony tonight. Sarah, from Champa House is graduating! When I first interviewed Sarah last fall, I was so moved by her vulnerability and strength. She was telling me some of her most raw moments, but following up with the promises of the Lord that have guided her through them. Her faith is admirable and her determination inspiring.

After multiple photo shoots, texts and phone calls about her story, I realized we had formed a friendship. She already attended my church and began coming to my small group with me every week. I looked forward to picking her and her son up each Wednesday night and chatting in the car. She added such a refreshing perspective to our small group discussions and integrated easily with everyone else in the group. Sarah has become an important part of my community here in Denver and her graduation means so much to me. It marks the end of the most difficult time in her life and the beginning of her future.

Sarah will be celebrated by all the other mothers living at Champa, the staff, her friends, and her family. We all will get to hear her story of transformation and shower her with love and prayer as she starts this new, exciting chapter of her life. I can’t wait to see the look on her face as she realizes that she has truly done it. She made it through. Ah, it makes me cry just thinking about it.

Be sure to check Facebook next week for some photos!


Rachel Greiman

Rachel Greiman

Rachel Greiman was employed by the Mission from 2012 to 2014 as the writer and photographer. She did an amazing job capturing the real stories of homelessness.

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