Preparing for Denver’s Fickle Weather 

As we prepare for a mid-spring winter weather advisory (can anyone say oxymoron?!), staff at Denver Rescue Mission’s Lawrence Street Community Center, Lawrence Street Shelter and Fort Collins Rescue Mission are preparing for increased demand for our services.

Guests fill the Lawrence Street Community Center dining hall during a March 2016 snow storm.

Guests fill the Lawrence Street Community Center dining room during a March 2016 snow storm

As you can imagine, bad weather brings a lot more people indoors during the day and overnight. Here is how our facilities are preparing for this weekend:

The Lawrence Street Community Center’s dining room will be open throughout the day Saturday an Sunday. Additional food is being prepared for our normal meal times. Warm showers are at the ready, along with emergency clothing supplies. Staff will work to ensure that everyone seeking overnight shelter has a confirmed place to go.

The Lawrence Street Shelter anticipates filling all 315 beds and mats, as well as 325 mats at the Emergency Shelter (operated in partnership with Denver’s Road Home). Area shelter providers are already talking, ensuring that each provider knows where to send people in the event they reach their capacity.

Fort Collins Rescue Mission is preparing for a very similar demand on its services: increased meals and utilizing all of their available beds and mats. Fort Collins Rescue Mission provides more than 100 people a warm, dry and safe place to spend the night, including overflow mats which will be extended through April 30th.

As you brave the looming elements this weekend, consider how you might help Denver Rescue Mission keep these vital services available within the community. We ask you to visit our Donations page to learn how your generous donations can make a lasting impact at our shelter facilities.

Josh Geppelt

Josh Geppelt

Josh is the Senior Director of Emergency Services, overseeing the Lawrence Street Shelter, Lawrence Street Community Center and Fort Collins Rescue Mission – which is not always an easy job. But he feels surrounded by a community of individuals who desire to support him in the work. He also feels that he has a unique privilege to work for an organization that maintains such a high level of support from the community. He truly enjoys coming to work on most days, but it’s hard to focus when it’s cycling weather. Josh grew up quite nerdy: first he was home-schooled his whole life and second, he is a very proud Eagle Scout. He has been a cyclist for more than 18 years! If he could be any famous person he would be the Pope because at least he is liked or disliked for his views on things that matter. He admires his father most in life because he embodies the dying art of prayerful consistency: suit up, show up and God will use you where you are.

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