Guest Blogger // We love our volunteers

Written by Jenn Darden, Short Term Volunteers Coordinator

When I first moved to Denver, I drove by “Jesus Saves” downtown. I, like everyone else, saw the line, and thought: “Wow. There is so much need in this city!” And growing up in a rural southern Missouri town, I have to admit, I was a little intimidated. But the thought crossed my mind on more than one occasion: ”How would I be able to make a difference, or help in even a small way? I’m just one person.”

When I started thinking about that experience the other day, in preparation for this year’s people that are selflessly giving of their time to make a difference? Those who were initially hesitant, but came down to serve that first meal…or jumped in and got involved volunteering on a regular basis? And that’s when it dawned on me: Volunteers are an INSTRUMENTAL piece of the puzzle! We could not do what we do in ANY of our programs or facilities without them. (And I don’t just say that because I’m one of the volunteer coordinators!…honest!)

At Denver Rescue Mission we have the BEST volunteers! It’s because of our amazing volunteers that so many of our organization runs so well! And for that we could never show enough gratitude.

So whether you’re reading this and you volunteer with us on a regular basis, or you’ve never volunteered with us and you’re thinking about taking a chance and getting involved… Thank you!!!!

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Rachel’s Lens // First Friday

So, I’ve been posting on this here blog every Friday for over a year now. I know! Crazy, right?! I was thinking about how many posts that is and I realized that maybe you’re a little sick of hearing my voice each week. That said, we’re going to institute a series within a series: First Fridays!

On the first Friday of every month, I’ll be sharing with you some links from other people. They might be about homelessness, about the Mission, about God or simply a photo of an adorable baby animal. If I put it in this list, it struck a chord. I hope you enjoy the articles and maybe you’ll discover a new favorite blogger! Without further ado, here is the first list:

1. If you know me at all, you know I hate pranks. But here is a prank that brought (happy) tears to my eyes!

2. An article about happiness and its appropriate role in our lives. “The key to finding happiness is to not let it guide you. It’s electing a better, more meaningful guide in life that will create a reason to be happy.”

3. Run Your Race! A blog post by one of my very favorites, encouraging us that we are all, in fact, designed to different things.

4. OH MY GOODNESS! I told you there would be baby animals!!!

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