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Written by, Rachel Greiman, Writer/Photographer

Denver Rescue Mission is a place with some serious history. In my “New Hire Orientation” we went over all 121 years of it. With that much experience working with Denver’s most vulnerable people, there is a lot to cover. But rather than becoming overwhelmed, I felt enthused. It’s exciting to be a part of something so much larger than myself and to be in on the action.

I’ve been working at the Mission for four months now as the writer and photographer. But with more than 200 people in our New Life Program, up to 450 men sleeping in our overnight shelters this winter, 170 employees, and 6 different locations, I’m still learning something new every day!

I need to take small bites, learning about the Mission one piece at a time. I can’t walk into The Crossing and expect to interact with each family, child or adult. I can’t visit Champa House for an afternoon and hear all the individual stories of each single mother living there. I couldn’t possibly capture all that Harvest Farm has to offer in a day’s visit. The Lawrence Street Shelter serves over 1,000 meals a day; I can only share a table for three meals each day (let’s be honest, I could eat four). But even in my own building here at the administrative offices, I have yet to hear the story of how each fellow employee ended up working here. But this is my job: to give everyone outside the Mission a glimpse of who we are and what we do. The “why” of what we do can only be expressed through our stories. The people we serve give us a reason to keep going.

Each Friday, I’ll discuss something new that I’ve learned throughout the week or a story I’ve come across. It could be a sentence, it could be a novella. I’ll try to include photos when relevant. I’m already a little intimidated by a weekly commitment, but when your business is Changing Lives in the name of Christ, I can guarantee there will be a lot to say!


I’m Rachel!

My job title says that I’m a writer and photographer, but I’m best at being an aunt and baking sweet treats. I own a cardigan in every color, all my good ideas come while sitting in church, I love terrible reality television, and I would rather be wearing sweatpants.

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