Lawrence Street Community Center Approved

Praise the Lord!

The  Zoning Appeal Board met this week and approved the building of the Lawrence Street Community Center.

We are so excited to have a safe place for the homeless during the day. A place where their human dignity can be restored. Where they can have access to simple things like bathrooms, water, and showers. They will not have to “hang out” on the streets or in alleys.

The community center will also help our employees build and foster relationships allowing us to connect people to services. It will be a pathway to becoming  productive self-sufficient citizens.

Our goal is to see lives changed and we believe the Lawrence Street Community Center will not only allow us to be a part of God’s plan to do that, but will make our neighborhood a better place for everyone.

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Brad Meuli

Brad Meuli

Brad is the President and CEO of Denver Rescue Mission. Born in Kansas, Brad is thrilled to now live in what he considers the most beautiful place in the world. Before coming to the Mission as staff, he was a member of the board. In 1999, God called him into full-time ministry after a 17-year career in banking. His favorite part about working here is watching God do the work of changing lives. Program participants and their stories can often move him to tears and he is constantly reminded why he does the work he was called to do. We try to keep a smile on his face, but despite his Marine Corps background, the man loves to cry. As President/CEO for the past 17 years, he runs a tight, but very fun ship. He loves Chipotle and eating at chain restaurants that way you always know what you’re going to get. He has been known to don a turkey outfit to encourage his staff around the holidays and little known fact: he has ridden his bicycle across Kansas as well as from Denver to Phoenix to raise money for the Mission! Brad admires Jesus and his father more than anyone else. One was perfect and one has flaws, but he looks up to both of them.

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