I’m dirty and I stink


Kyle Petrie is Director of Operations at Denver Rescue Mission

Most of the day I’m dirty and I stink (so does everyone else with whom I’m riding – I swear it’s not just me), but I’ll get a warm, muscle soothing shower in a few minutes.

I’m hungrier than you could possibly imagine, but I can open the doors to our support van and find bagels, cream cheese, granola bars, and fresh fruit anytime I want. I’ll likely eat dinner in a restaurant most evenings on this trip. I won’t be wondering about where my next meal is coming from.

I will be in an unfamiliar motel room bed this evening, but I won’t be trying sleep in the doorway of a downtown business, hoping to wake up before the sun does – sneaking away before employees show up for work and kick me awake.

It doesn’t always feel safe on the roads and streets. Speeding cars, distracted drivers, stray dogs, and road debris are a constant concern. I know that I am not alone. I have six other riders and two support team members looking out for me.

Not ironically, these #RescueRiders are the same guys that serve the poor and homeless in Denver, too. They cook meals, provide shelter and safety, raise money, and ensure medical care for the most vulnerable every day. But, it’s not just them. There’s another 170 employees and countless volunteers back in Denver offering all of those things 24/7. Help us, help them—Break the Cycle!

Break the Cycle 900 Miles Against Hunger 

Mission President and CEO, Brad Meuli, is leading a team of employee cyclists and one board member in Break the Cycle II. A group of six cyclists from the Mission will spend 10 days pedaling more than 900 miles from Reno to Seattle. Their goal is to raise $48,000—enough money for 25,000 meals. Support the ride here

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