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Hey, did you know mentoring changes lives?

Written by: Aneta Storvik, Public Relations Coordinator

Imagine your friend passing away leaving two beautiful children in the hands of the court system. What would you do? Would you fight for custody of those children? That’s exactly what one woman did. Shannen spent her savings on lawyers to gain custody of her best friends children. Her efforts were well worth it; she prevented them from going into the foster care system.

But today, Shannen is fighting another battle –  fighting to provide a home for her new family. Through the Family and Senior Homeless Initiative (FSHI), she has hope! Shannen is waiting for a mentor team through FSHI to help her build a stable home once again.

FSHI empowers Metro Denver homeless families and seniors toward self-sufficiency through mentoring and deposit/first month’s rent assistance. Right now, there are 23 homeless families and seniors are waiting for mentor teams.

Mentor teams provide relational, physical and spiritual support to participating families and seniors. Make a difference in the life of a needy family or senior – it’s worth it for all involved.

When you mentor a family, you help them gain back get control of their life! “It  felt so good being back in a home you can call your own, and it’s so important to have a roof over your kids’ head,” Shirley, FSHI mentee family, relays. “Having mentor team was awesome too. They gave me so much good insight, and were never judgmental. I haven’t met anyone involved with this program who had a bad attitude.”

“We find it very rewarding for us,” expressed Marilyn, a past mentor. “We just like to help the families get on their feet.”

Want to help? Call 303.313.2440. for more information or visit www.FSHI.org.


Helping Hands – Volunteers are Changing Lives

This week, we are celebrating our volunteers. April 15 –21 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week.  It’s a special week to acknowledge and celebrate the selfless service of volunteers. Denver Rescue Mission is blessed to have thousands of volunteers every year who help us accomplish everything from plating food and sweeping floors to mentoring and tutoring.  These extra helping hands allow the Mission to change lives in the name of Christ at a more profound level.

One particular volunteer is making a lasting impact with the Life Skills, Education, and Career Development of our New Life Program. I had the privilege of meeting with Greg Staffelbach for an inside look at the reality of a long term volunteer.

In the computer lab working on a GED.

Greg has been tutoring men in the New Life Program since December 2010. In this short time, he’s provided 560 hours of volunteer service and assisted 13 program participants with successful completion of their GEDs.

The best part of Greg’s volunteer service? “When I hear that a guy has passed his GED, we are doing high-fives in the hallway,” says Greg. “Sometimes it’s been 30 years since they’ve done any kind of math and when they finally understand it, a huge smile takes over – that’s success!”

When I asked Greg about his volunteer experience and how it’s impacted his life his earnest reply was, “I feel like I’m doing what I was designed to do. For the first time in 30 some odd years, I finally feel that I’m doing exactly what I was meant to do and tutoring at the Mission is a special time for me.”

Volunteering provides the opportunity to find what you were meant to do or designed to do, and to do it wholeheartedly. When extra hands pitch in to help meet needs that otherwise wouldn’t be met, lives are changed. There is deep gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to witness the community embrace those we serve at the Denver Rescue Mission. Thank you to all volunteers for being the hands of Jesus and meeting needs within our community.

Written by: Dani Gieger, Volunteer Relations Coordinator