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Riding for Different Reasons

I was humbled last night by two riders who were introduced at the nightly riders meeting. The first is in the Army is riding 10,000 miles to bring awareness to veterans. The Biking Across Kansas ride is the last 500 miles of his goal. Are you kidding me? 10,000 miles! Wow!

The second rider, a 59 year old man riding from the state of Washington to Virginia, by himself, to bring awareness and fundraise for Alzheimer’s. His wife died of this debilitating disease a few months ago and he wanted to do something to honor her memory. Our paths randomly crossed as he was peddling in the opposite direction. This man made a comment about how important it is to live your dreams. He mentioned that he and his wife had many dreams but now they wouldn’t come true.

I believe this is what we get to do at the Denver Rescue Mission, help people restore their dreams. Sometimes they seem like simple dreams, things that most of us take for granted, like having a place to live, having enough food, not having to wear the same clothes every day, or having a family that loves you. A tougher dream that men and women in the New Life Program struggle with is their desire to be free from addiction. Their sacrifice is great to obtain these goals! We have found the power of Jesus Christ to be critical for such a change to take place.

Although my sacrifice, riding across Kansas, pales in comparison to the two riders I mentioned previously (although the thermometer does read 105!) all three of us cannot measure up to the challenge of a New Life Rehabilitation Program participant. Please, help me help them! Often it all starts with a meal for a homeless person and that is why I am trying to raise the funds for 10,000 meals. We are getting closer! Thank you!

This is fueling me tomorrow! From Hoisington!

Our biggest day is tomorrow, 74 miles in a tough heat, your prayers are appreciated!

Riding on!


Day 3 and Going Strong

I am in Ness City, Kansas and it must be 100 degrees. One rider reported that the thermometer on her bike read 111 degrees! I never thought that I would say this but, “Praise God for the wind!” Without the wind to “cool things off” I cannot imagine what it would be like. We had another long, straight ride today, and pretty flat too!

I am touched by the sense of community in these small towns we visit. For these towns having 900 riders and support folks come to visit for even one day is a huge boom to their economy. Ness City has only a few people more than 900 in the entire town, population 1,209. Each night and the next morning, 4H groups, athletic boosters, and civic groups prepare meals for sale. It is a win-win for everyone. The riders are hungry and the community groups earn money, often meeting their fundraising goals in one day!

Celebrating our neighbors and working together to improve the well being of a community is something you can often forget about when living in a larger city. This sense of community is something we strive to obtain at the Denver Rescue Mission and at The Crossing in particular. Our employees, program participants, volunteers, and donors all work together as a small, safe community to assist those in need.

Recently, one of our staff members who decided God was calling her to a new job outside of the Mission said, “I do not know if I will ever have a job again where people care so much about me.” That is pretty special to hear.

I know people are thinking about me too, during this journey across Kansas. I am so thankful for your prayers and financial support. Thanks for the encouragement! They tell me that the hills begin soon!

Riding hard for the homeless!

God bless!


Where in Kansas is Brad Meuli?

Day 2, 47 miles to Scott City, Kansas

I am in Scott City, the number one cattle feeding county in Kansas!  You may not have known that!  I know I did not! 

The ride today, although over 47 miles, was the straightest and flattest ride my son Gus and I have ever been on!  We got an early start and were fortunate the sun stayed behind the clouds for most of our ride.  It was only after we reached our destination that it began to rain.  We have about 412 more miles to go!

I have met some great people in just a short time.  Today I met a man who praised the The Crossing, the Denver Rescue Mission’s transitional housing facility for men, women and children.  When I asked him how he knew about The Crossing, he shared that someone very close to him was a participant in the New Life Program.  You could tell how he ached for this person.  So, here I am in Scott City, Kansas listening to this man talk about how important the Denver Rescue Mission is to him…pretty humbling.  I know there are folks everywhere, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, grandparents, children, wives, and girlfriends pulling for a loved one in our New Life Program.  They are hoping, they are praying, that this time, through the power of Jesus Christ working through our staff and volunteers, that just one more life will be changed forever. 

This makes it pretty easy to keep on riding, knowing how these folks are counting on us.  If you have not yet joined us by contributing financially to our efforts I would ask you to think about doing so now.  We are getting closer to our goal of 10,000 meals!  And for those of you who have helped already, thank you!

Riding on! God Bless!

Brad Meuli

Biking Across Kansas Day 1

Friday was really an incredible day! It started bright and early, 4 am, as 9 News KUSA interviewed me on their morning show. I was able to share how much I respect the folks in our New Life Rehabilitation program for the sacrifice they make for 13-27 months. It is not easy to overcome a life of addiction and it takes all they have to seize the opportunity for a changed life. I appreciated this early wake up call to be able to share this!

Friday was also one of the two best days we have at the Denver Rescue Mission, both days are graduation! We celebrate the graduation of men and women from our New Life Program, graduates of our STAR Transitional Housing program for families moving to permanent housing, and GED graduates. Graduation is the culmination of hard work on behalf of all of our participants, our staff and volunteers. But graduating is not an ending, it is the beginning of a changed life through the power of Jesus Christ. It was great to hear one of our speakers, an alumni of our New Life Program, say the difference in his changed life was the strength he found in Jesus. His words were humbling, “Without God and the Denver Rescue Mission I would be dead.” These words always bring me to tears because they remind me of the importance of our work.

The last leg of the journey was a car trip to the state line where my son, Gus and I mounted our bikes and rode a short distance, 16 miles, to Tribune, Kansas, where we met up with 900 other riders who will be riding the BAK. The wind blew from the north and from the south on this ride but mostly in our face! (I thought going east we would get a tailwind!) We even got a little rain. It was a tougher 16 miles than you might think.

Colorado state border.

As I write this I am in a two man tent with Gus, surrounded by many, many other tents! Some riders chose to sleep in the high school gym but I love God’s creation outside too much to stay in there. (Let me just add the caveat that should it rain as they have predicted, the gym folks are going to appear to be a lot smarter than me!)

Tent city in Tribune, Kansas.

There you have it, the Biking Across Kansas ride has begun. Although I have given up my comfortable bed, been rained on and faced a tough head wind on my bike, it hardly seems like a significant sacrifice given the smiles of joy I saw on the graduates’ faces! I believe we would call that joy self-confidence mixed with a lot of hope!

God bless!
Brad Meuli

Biking Across Kansas Starts in 17 Days

We have passed the half-way mark! As you may be aware, I am riding my bicycle across Kansas, accompanied by my son Gus, in the BAK (Biking Across Kansas). This means I will be joining 900 of my best friends for this ride! I am doing this to raise enough money to cover the cost of 10,000 meals. To date, we are over halfway there raising enough money for 5,618 meals! Wow! Thank you Denver!

Here is a link to one of my short training videos to let you know how I am preparing for this 475 mile ride. I hope you get a chuckle out of it! Bottom line, our rehabilitation program, called the New Life Program, is not an easy one to get through. Our participants have to humble themselves. They have to be willing to put it all on the line to see their lives changed and be free of the hold alcohol and drugs has had on them.

This ride is my opportunity to do something that will not be easy. It will challenge me and cause me to think about words like sacrifice and perseverance. Is it as hard as going through a 13-27 month rehabilitation program? No it is not. But it is a great way for me pedaling and for you as a financial contributor and a person of prayer to say, “I care.”

Brad Meuli