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A Summer of New Experiences

This summer as the Public Relations and Special Events intern at Denver Rescue Mission has truly been an unforgettable experience. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, I never left my city much. Besides the occasional Las Vegas family trips and trips to National Parks, I rarely left California. In the fall of 2015, my friend, Kelsey, and I applied to Denver Rescue Mission as interns. Suddenly, there was a huge decision to make. Was my calling to stay in California to intern at a typical PR firm working in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles? Or did I want to do something a little more meaningful in a completely new state and culture? Well, I guess writing this blog post answers that question.

After packing the car and driving 17-hours alongside Kelsey, who also accepted an internship at Denver Rescue Mission, we finally made it. It was my first time in Colorado, first time in Denver, and this was technically the furthest east I’ve ever gone in the United States. Sad, I know. I was extremely hesitant and scared for what lied ahead of me. I once worked at a YMCA, where I will never return to because of the chaos and egoistic attitude everyone wore. It hurt me to see that such a national organization was being consumed by greed and selfishness, or at least at my specific branch. I wondered if working at Denver Rescue Mission would be the same. Thankfully, I can say it has been the total opposite.

driving to CO

On the road to Denver, CO!

My internship here at Denver Rescue Mission was more than I could ever ask for. It was swept me off my feet and I have never been more confident or eager to grab the next opportunity by the horns. Through it all, I have gained so much knowledge about the general duties of PR practitioners, how to act professionally and how to handle the media. I have done so much over this summer, both in my personal or professional life, and I know that my standards have definitely risen after working here. From attending meetings, events, and concerts to working on social media, media pitches, and weekly reports, I have really dabbled in a little bit of everything to broaden my knowledge of how work gets done in this field. As I return to school and apply for internships near me, I am grateful that my supervisors at Denver Rescue Mission have prepared me for the future.


Me with my intern supervisors, Stacy and Josh

My supervisors, Josh and Stacy, kept me busy this summer with PR and Special Events projects.

As I continue to grow older and learn more about myself, I think I have found a new love for putting myself outside of my comfort zone and truly immersing myself in new situations. That is when I have grown the most and truly appreciate all that I have, in addition to helping me find my passion. Working at Denver Rescue Mission has helped me discover that I want to help people who are struggling. Through this summer, Christ has shown me that I can always help improve the lives of other people. In such a twisted and unfair world, I believe that everyone should have a chance to succeed and show their ability to their fullest. Wherever I may end up in a couple of years, I know that because of this experience, I will walk away with at least the desire to help save the lives of those suffering in any situation. This summer, the Mission has been a place to call home and I know that this will not be my last time here.

There’s something about Colorado that has won my heart. Both the big and little things have made a huge impact on my stay here. The beautiful sunsets every night behind the mountain ranges. The freshness of the air. The Colorado pride that everyone shares so eagerly. People actually saying “hi” while passing each other on the street. The food here that is so different and tasty (green chili, I’m looking at you). The close proximity to nature. The abundance of free parking, even in downtown (you just have to look for it). The amount of Subaru’s on the road. The amazing restaurant, Casa Bonita. The bipolar weather that is truly not the same anywhere else. The one-way streets that I’ve gone down incorrectly way too many times. The *wonderful* train that passes by The Crossing every 20 minutes. The amazing relationships I’ve made at Denver Rescue Mission. And last but not least, my heart for the homeless community in Denver, who are trying to get back on their feet, all in the name of Jesus Christ.

Amen to that.

Spiritual Journeys Come in All Shapes and Sizes

The main reason I chose to intern at Denver Rescue Mission was because I wanted to grow spiritually. The thought of being surrounded by other Christians in a professional work environment really appealed to me. I prayed to God that my time here would change me for the better. My prayer was answered, but it did not come as easy as I thought it would. It took time and a lot of getting out of my comfort zone.

Being a double major in journalism and international relations, I interned with the public relations department. I was loving the work that I was tasked with, my supervisors and what I was learning. Everything in the department was going well. It seemed like God had answered my request to grow professionally, but not spiritually. What was going on?

I realized that although I was working in a Christian environment that did not mean I would experience spiritual growth right away. So, I prayed and well…everything changed.

Denver Rescue Mission interns Ashley Montano and Shannon Stewart

Shannon Stewart (pictured right) and I formed a close friendship interning at Denver Rescue Mission

One day, out of nowhere, I ran into a fellow intern in Denver Rescue Mission’s administration building named Shannon. We talked about how our internships were going and about life in general. Before you knew it, phone numbers were exchanged and a friendship was formed.

Shannon introduced me to all of the other interns. We prayed before meals, encouraged each other and it pushed me to want to build an even stronger relationship with Christ. This was the complete opposite community that I had during my college years. It was refreshing and I noticed that I was happier, overall.




The spiritual journey did not stop there. I was able to volunteer at Denver Rescue Mission’s Easter Banquet on Good Friday. I was expecting to be moved, but I did not think that I would come out changed. As the homeless sat down, there was a look of sadness in some of their eyes. When I brought them their warm plates of food, there was a sparkle in their eyes. In that moment they were being taken care of. In that moment they felt safe.

Guests worshiped together in Denver Rescue Mission's chapel before enjoying their Easter meal

Guests worshiped together at Denver Rescue Mission’s Easter service

I then journeyed down to the chapel where our guests were able to sit through a church service. As I walked in the middle of it, I noticed that some people started to cry when the pastor told them that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and He loved them. I kind of lost my control and shed a tear as well. I was sad that these people were in such a vulnerable position in life. I was moved by the fact that Christ still loves them and that he could change their situations. It was at that exact moment that I connected with Denver Rescue Mission as a whole.

This organization saves so many lives through all of the programs that it offers. I also witnessed this at Champa House when I shadowed an intern there. Champa House is a nurturing place for single mothers that shelters and cares for up to nine women and 20 children at one time. Observing how the moms have a strong desire to change their lives was astonishing. It was shocking considering the hardships that they went through. Some of them said that only through Christ were they able to find that will to change.

I have seen how Christ was working through all of the employees and interns at the Mission. I am so happy that God answered my prayers. I learned that it is important to put yourself out there in order to gain experiences. I believe that this experience changed me for the better. God changed me for the better.

God may not have answered my prayers the way I expected him to… but I’m glad he caught me of guard.

If you’re looking for your own spiritual journey, learn more about interning at the Mission at

Educate, Empower, Protect

Krumm Hang, Denver Rescue Mission PR Intern

Krumm Hang, Denver Rescue Mission PR Intern

My name is Krumm Hang and I became involved with Denver Rescue Mission through my organization, Asian Hope. They have been partners with the Mission for a while now. Asian Hope is also a non-profit and currently they are putting me through college in California at a Christian school called the Master’s College. Asian Hope is changing the future of vulnerable Cambodian kids by protecting and equipping them with an education so they can be empowered to give back to the community. Its headquarters is in Denver, Colorado, but the program itself is in Cambodia.

During the summer, I stay in the States and try to look for internships that relate to my major, communication-electronic media, or something that I am interested in. I have been interning with Denver Rescue Mission for two summers already and this is my third summer here. This summer, I decided to do something that is closely related to my major. This year I am an intern for the PR department (public relations). My first two summers I interned as a Volunteer Coordinator and with the Database crew as part of the IT department. I am doing different internships every summer because I want to explore the different possibilities out there. I have big goals and dreams when I return to Cambodia next year. As of right now, I am exploring the waters and seeing what I can take back with me.

As an international student, at times looking for internships can be a bit challenging. If you do find one, you either have to get a car or some kind of transportation, which I don’t have. With the Mission providing accommodations such a place to stay, meals and bus passes to be able to explore different places, this means a lot to me. They also give a small stipend to spend during the internship.


Krumm (left) and his brother Hocklee (right) with Christopher Yuan, author of "Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son's Journey to God, A Broken Mother's Search for Hope" and instructor at Moody Bible Institute

Krumm (left) and his brother Hocklee (right) with Christian speaker and author Christopher Yuan

Krumm (upper left) with fellow Asian Hope international students

Krumm (upper left) with fellow Asian Hope students

Krumm (upper right) enjoying the Denver sunshine with friends

Krumm (upper right) enjoying the Denver sunshine with friends










I see this as a God given opportunity for me to learn all that I can and want to do. Through all the internships that I have done with Denver Rescue Mission, I can say I have learned a lot. As a Volunteer Coordinator Intern, I have learned the importance of socializing and building relationships with people. I have learned what it means to have a heart that wants to serve and love others just like God instructed us. Being a Database Intern, I have learned to collect and gather information through long hours of meeting. One must be patient and keep a collective mind in order not to lose sight of important pieces of the conversations. I have not interned long as a PR Intern, but I am currently trying to learn the differences between PR, marketing, and advertising. I am also trying to learn all that I can about photography and the aspect of fundraising. I am trying to put together a portfolio as well.

I will use all that I have learned to go into ministry and eventually start a soup kitchen and start a transitional program. My heart is working with the poor in some way, but I have not figured out what I really want to do just yet. I also want to animate Bible stories in Khmer (the language of Cambodia) and use that as a way of bringing the gospel to the people of Cambodia, both the illiterate and the literate.

If you are interested in an internship with Denver Rescue Mission click here for more information.