Easter Devotional // Spirit of Hope for a Season of Change

Written by Lon Gregg, Spiritual Director at The Crossing

Earlier this month a visitor — a lady whose son is in serious trouble with addiction — stopped by to tour The Crossing, Denver Rescue Mission’s transitional living facility. She came out of motherly instinct; she wanted to find help for her boy, and had heard stories about the Mission.

The woman later wrote to thank us for the tour. Her comment: “The feeling of HOPE was almost tangible in that place” (her words and emphasis, verbatim).

Of course, places like Denver Rescue Mission are designed for hope. How can people change without it? We’re glad she sensed it at The Crossing and we’re glad we have it to offer. Everybody needs hope: her son needs it, she needs it, we all need hope, and we need it every day. What joy to have a place where we can give it away!

In this lovely season, when we’re celebrating the resurrection of our Savior, we have every reason for hope. New life is budding everywhere after the long cold of winter. People are outside, soaking up sunshine after huddling for months, wondering at times if warmth ever really existed! And of course, the empty tomb of Easter, Christianity’s cornerstone, breathes hope into many a hurting soul, hope that God can still reach down and touch the deep hurts of the world.

Of course, true hope is more than just wishing. If it’s founded on good reasons, hope becomes something more like “expectation.” Any young man will hope more firmly for a car his dad promised if Dad is a millionaire. And our lady visitor can hope almost tangibly for redemption for her son when she hears the many stories of transformation for which the Mission is justly famous.

Mine is like those stories. I found a new life many years ago at Pacific Garden Mission, a mission in Chicago very much like the Denver Rescue Mission. In my own case, I had wandered away from a good family and prospects, but at the mission I found a hope that has endured the decades since, including the two decades (plus) I’ve spent serving in Denver. And the years have steeled my hope into expectation. I would be foolish not to recommend the Christian hope to everyone!

I hope for you that this season may bring you a refreshed hope. May the good graces of Easter touch and fill you with all the joys of new life. And may that joy endure!


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