Dignifying our neighbors

End Homelessness, Don’t Hide It, Denver… We could not agree more!

The Lawrence Street Shelter Community Center will meet the needs of the homeless population, providing a safe place from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. The courtyard will be heated and under surveillance. It will include showers and restrooms – so the homeless have a dignified place to wash up like you do!

The courtyard will also give Mission employees an opportunity to build and foster relationships with the guests, sharing information and resources with hopes to bring people back to self-sufficiency.

Did you know that the homeless are often victims? Drug dealers prey on them. People steal the little belongings they have. Some are even beat up. The new center will offer them a safe place.

Denver Rescue Mission doesn’t want to hide the homeless. In fact, we want to share their real stories…publicly. We have a huge responsibility to our community here in Denver to raise awareness about homelessness and the issues surrounding it. The last thing we want to do is hide people, away from the very community they need.

We want to give the homeless second chances. We want to help them rebuild their lives. We want to provide resources and opportunities for them to succeed. We want to dignify everyone. In fact, for 122 years we have been serving the men, women and families who could benefit from the Community Center. And for 122 years, we have had a community that rallies around each other – believing in second chances and hope.

Are you with us?


Brad Meuli

Brad Meuli

Brad is the President and CEO of Denver Rescue Mission. Born in Kansas, Brad is thrilled to now live in what he considers the most beautiful place in the world. Before coming to the Mission as staff, he was a member of the board. In 1999, God called him into full-time ministry after a 17-year career in banking. His favorite part about working here is watching God do the work of changing lives. Program participants and their stories can often move him to tears and he is constantly reminded why he does the work he was called to do. We try to keep a smile on his face, but despite his Marine Corps background, the man has been known to cry for the things that break Jesus’ heart. Brad has been at the Mission for almost 20 years, and runs a tight, but very fun ship. He loves Chipotle! He has been known to don a turkey outfit to encourage his staff around the holidays and little known fact: he has ridden his bicycle across Kansas as well as from Denver to Phoenix, and Reno to Seattle, to raise money for the Mission! Brad believes that Jesus should always be the center of our work at the Mission.

7 comments on “Dignifying our neighbors

  1. Mike Strickland on said:

    Thank you for being a beacon of light in the oncoming legal darkness and intolerance of Denver.

  2. Cassie P on said:

    This is such a great thing to finally be happening to the homeless community! So many people are misinformed about this community and do not understand that these people are just like you and I. Many have had unfortunate events that have led them to this place, and many others can’t cope with the normal standards of society due to different types of mental illness. It really breaks my heart that Colorado has one of highest rates of homelessness.

  3. Cordelia Randall on said:

    I am with you.

  4. Annmarie E. Marino on said:

    I used to be able to donate financially to DRM but am not doing so well right now. Can I donate my time, myself, and if so how do I get started?

  5. Aneta on said:

    Hi, thanks for supporting the Mission anyway you can! Here’s a link to show you all the ways to serve: http://serve.drmvolunteers.org/

  6. Aneta on said:

    Cassie, thanks for your support and for your heart. Thank you for seeing the homeless beyond their current state. There are so many layers to each one of us!

  7. Aneta on said:

    Thanks for supporting us!! We don’t do this alone!

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