Celebrating Our Incredible Mission Staff On #EmployeeAppreciationDay


I was with my team, waiting for a meeting to start, when one of my colleagues walked into the room and started to tell us the story about his commute into the Mission earlier that morning. He took the same route he always does to get to our Admin building, but he recognized something different that day.

He was happily on his way in when he stopped at a stoplight. My colleague took a look at the drivers in the other cars beside him. Unlike him, they looked agitated, frustrated and unenthused.

It was his typical, every day drive. But that particular day really stuck with him, he said, because it made him realize just how fortunate he was to love where he worked and (more importantly) the people he worked with. When he finished telling the story of his commute, my other colleagues in the room—myself included—couldn’t help but chime in with agreeance. We all began to talk about how much we love working at the Mission, and we all mentioned that it’s the people we work with that make this place truly exceptional.

Every day, when I head into work, I always think about my colleague and his realization of how fortunate we are to work with such incredible people. As someone who handles the public relations, I’ve had a chance to meet with so many awesome employees—from our CEO to our New Life Program chaplains to emergency service coordinators on the front line.

It’s rare to find a place where you get to work with people from so many different walks of life and to see them blossom into the person God intended them to be. And, even though I’ve only been at the Mission since July I feel ever so lucky to have the opportunity to work with this Denver Rescue Mission family.

Today, on Employee Appreciation Day (and every day), I’d like to recognize our awesome staff who are the heart of the Mission and are changing lives in the name of Christ, every single day.

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