Rallying Around Denver’s Homeless During the Bomb Cyclone

Man boards bus to shelter during Bomb Cyclone                                                                                   (Photo by: Hart Van Denburg/CPR News)

The bomb cyclone was a real threat to our neighbors experiencing homelessness, and it was all hands on deck at Denver Rescue Mission as we prepared to greet people escaping the blizzard. Our staff worked diligently all day to make sure every single person had a place to go to stay safe from the storm. At Denver Rescue Mission, we know how important emergency services are to ensure safety, dignity and hope for those experiencing homelessness. We are so thankful for every single team member who braved the storm Wednesday in order to ensure our guests were taken care of. In particular, we are thankful for Tracy Bunn Brooks​​, Jerred Powell​​ and the Women and Men of the Denver Rescue Mission who didn’t call out on a snow day, who didn’t ask to go home early, but who packed a change of clothes EXPECTING to sleep at work.

It’s times like Wednesday that remind our guests and staff what an outstanding community Denver is.  We had an incredible outpouring of help from other organizations in our community. Here are just a few of the heroes from Wednesday’s crazy storm:

  • Christopher Conner​​ and Denver’s Road Home worked tirelessly with Denver County Emergency Operations Center when transportation to remote shelters was cancelled due to the high winds and the power went down at both of our downtown facilities mid-day. They spent hours working on alternative sleeping accommodations, transportation options, emergency heat and lighting, etc.
  • Commander Aaron Sanchez and Denver Police District 6 showed up early asking how they could help, and stuck around until everyone was taken care of.
  • Denver Sheriff Department, Denver Police Department, Denver Parks and Recreation showed up with their fleet vehicles to transport guests to the various remote shelters.
  • Tammy Door and the Downtown Denver Partnership showed up asking how they could help, and ended up purchasing pizza for 700 people when our kitchen ran out of prepared food.
  • Xcel Energy – Denver Colorado who worked tirelessly in the cold and wind to get the power restored at Lawrence Street Community Center – Denver Rescue Mission and Lawrence Street Shelter.
  • Lisa M Cooper​​ at Samaritan House and Christina Carlson​​ at Urban Peak who checked in throughout the day looking for ways to help in the midst of their own expanded operations – and to others that showed up or called that I’m not aware of.

When we come together as a community, we can have an incalculable impact on our homeless friends and neighbors. That’s what happened on Wednesday, and we look forward to our continued partnership with you, whether in rain, snow, or sunshine!

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