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Nathan Hoag is on Denver Rescue Mission's Board of Directors. He became a cyclist only a year ago, when he participated in Break The Cycle II. Nathan is excited to engage in a cause he cares deeply about in a creative way. He loves challenges and Break The Cycle III presents a unique opportunity to challenge himself while removing a challenge for someone else (hunger). He thinks they'll raise money beyond their goal and he and the Rescue Riders will get to see some beautiful parts of Colorado while they do it.

Adventures of a Rescue Rider :: Day 4

We’ve nearly reached the halfway mark of our 9-day cycling tour through the mountains of Colorado. At this point, I’m EXHAUSTED! Regardless, the alarm will sound tomorrow at 4:00 a.m and our wheels will be rolling by 5:00 a.m.

Day 4 - Nathan blog 4Throughout this ride, it’s become increasingly clear that preparation is everything. To get to this point, a lot of time and effort was spent preparing: long-distance training rides, cycling at the gym, making packing lists, performing tune-ups. Hundreds of miles, countless hours, and gallons of sweat went into preparing for this 750-mile journey.

Those most crucial in our preparation efforts?  Our family members. From early morning to weekend rides, our families were often without us or sweating alongside us.  Their sacrifices and active participation aided us in building the endurance and stamina essential for this challenging ride.  Without their support, this ride would not be possible.

Also, the preparations of our amazing support crew have been key to our success. Huge shout-out to Kevin and Jeremy for getting up early and staying up late preparing and organizing the support vehicles every day.  Their tireless efforts are essential for meeting any need we face on the road: water, fix-a-flat, tow rope, cheese in a can. 🙂


The practices and people that prepare us, are 90% of the work involved in any challenge. Jesus’ cousin, John, was responsible for preparing the way for the Messiah to do his work. That made a big difference in the way Jesus was received. Time and time again, Jesus slips into the shadows after a miracle, refusing to draw any attention to himself because the stage was not yet set for his climactic work. He was preparing himself and his people for what was yet to come. As we find ourselves between the Advents, we too are being prepared for the grand finale. Preparation matters.

One of the things I love about Denver Rescue Mission is how staff uses the term ‘guest’ for everyone who enters the doors. It’s as if they are saying, “We’re ready for you. We’re prepared for whatever you’ve got.” Preparation makes all the difference. Whether you’re riding your riding a bike or serving a meal at the Mission.

All our preparations have enabled us to take part in this inspiring campaign.  Help us ‘Break the Cycle’ of hunger and poverty in our community and DONATE to the cause.