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Alexxa is the Director of Public Relations at Denver Rescue Mission. She moved to Denver from Phoenix more than four years ago to follow a boy who eventually became her husband. But Denver had more in store for her than a man (Awwww!). She feels there’s no other explanation for her employment at the Mission, except for God’s guidance. Alexxa started as the Public Relations Coordinator and became Director in July 2011. Her favorite part of her job is the people; she loves the staff, program participants, interns and volunteers. She has spent the last four years making everyone smile and spreading the Mission’s heart to the masses. She also fills the hall with laughter, loud laughter. If she could be any celebrity, it would be Bill Gates because he uses his great power with great responsibility. She hates night lights, kind-of likes spin class and loves anything coconut. Also? She was supposed to be a boy named Alex.

Adventures of a Rescue Rider :: Day 1

Day one, check. 75 miles, check. The butterflies are gone…at least for today.Day 1 - Alexxa blog 3

Last year, at this time, I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter. Sweet Caroline. She has brought my husband and I so much joy. And so much less sleep! The love we have for her grows more each day. But I didn’t have a clue how hard being a parent would be. I also had zero thoughts of getting on a bike before or after she was born.

When I committed to Break the Cycle, Caroline was only about 4-months-old. My body still felt completely out of wack. I thought I would never feel strong again. I officially started training in January, just trying to get my body back to normal. My gym is right next door to an ice cream shop and I will admit after a 15 minute workout on the stationary bike, I would walk over and grab some ice cream to go…of course. (I only did that a few times)

On a more serious note, I can’t even begin to know what some of the men and women who come to the Mission are feeling when they first walk through our doors. Weak. Tired. Desperate. Hungry. If just an ounce of my training pain, and the pain I will feel tomorrow as we ride over 100 miles and gain 7,000 feet of elevation, is helping people who are hungry and need a place to lay their head, its all worth it.

Day 1 - Alexxa blog 2 Day 1 - Alexxa blog 1










Quick summary for you: Six months of getting back in shape. Three months of outdoor biking. Dozens if Cliff bars and shot blocks, gallons of Gatorade, gobs of sunscreen, extra padded shorts. Hot days and some cold ones.

Lastly, I had hoped to be riding alongside our fearless CEO Brad, but he went and broke his foot. I think it might actually be harder for him to stay back and cheer us on from afar. Thanks Brad for the opportunity to do something truly unforgettable.

The Lawrence Street Community Center Will Open


Brad Meuli President/CEO

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for praying with us! We recently learned that Judge Mullins has reconsidered his ruling on the opening of the Lawrence Street Community Center and we are authorized to push ahead with opening once construction is complete. Together with the City of Denver, we are thankful for this opportunity and pleased that we will be able to serve anyone who comes to us for help at this new facility. That’s what we believe it is all about, loving and serving our brothers and sisters.

Again, a huge thank you to all who have been supportive in so many ways!  We could not do this work without the community behind us! 

We are hoping to open very soon! Construction is nearly complete. Stay tuned for details!


The PR Desk: Moving Day!







I’ve worked in this building for five years. The old building just under the I-70 viaduct at Colorado Blvd. has never been a glamorous location. The basement, where my office was – even less glamorous. But that’s not why I work at the Mission.

The old Admin office building.

The old Admin office building.

I work at the Mission because there is good work being done here. I work at the Mission because every employee cares. I work at the Mission because God is present.

As a new chapter in our history begins, I say goodbye to this place where I have grown in my career and as a person. Even though the stairwells were narrow (I tripped on those stairs more than once!) and the bathrooms weren’t ideal, it was a warm environment. Some of our employees worked in this building for 20 years!




Looking ahead to our new location, we are excited to integrate into the Park Hill neighborhood. It is directly across the street from The Crossing and three blocks from the Ministry Outreach Center.  It will be a privilege to work in a brand new building. I’m also looking forward to new relationships being built, engaging in this community and well…I have to be honest, we are just a few blocks away from Sonic!

One more thing, if you need to get in touch with us please be patient! Our servers will be moved first and will be down for a short time.

Our new home.

Our new home.