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Alexxa moved to Denver from Phoenix more than four years ago to follow a boy who eventually became her husband. But Denver had more in store for her than a man (Awwww!). She feels there’s no other explanation for her employment at the Mission, except for God’s guidance. Alexxa started as the Public Relations Coordinator and became Director in July 2011. Her favorite part of her job is the people; she loves the staff, program participants, interns and volunteers. She has spent the last four years making everyone smile and spreading the Mission’s heart to the masses. She also fills the hall with laughter, loud laughter. If she could be any celebrity, it would be Bill Gates because he uses his great power with great responsibility. She hates night lights, kind-of likes spin class and loves anything coconut. Also? She was supposed to be a boy named Alex.

Grateful for a safe place, together

I had the pleasure of spending a few afternoons with Faith and Olivia while they were interviewed and photographed by The Denver Post. These two really brightened my week. Their family is living at The Crossing and participating in the transitional program. While they don’t have a ton of space, Faith is extremely grateful to be in a safe place, together.

You might have an idea in your head about what homelessness looks like. If you saw Faith and Olivia, you wouldn’t think they are homeless. At the end of the day, this mother and daughter are doing what many families do…pick the kids up from school, eat an afternoon snack, catch up about their day, play, laugh, smile, rest.

Read The Denver Post article here.

Craig Walker, photographer from The Denver Post takes Faith and Olivia's photo at The Crossing.

Craig Walker, photographer from The Denver Post takes Faith and Olivia’s photo at their room in The Crossing.


A different graduation.

When you think about your moments as a ‘graduate’ various memories might pop up. Images of caps, gowns, diplomas, camera flashes, hugs, tears, smiles…you get the picture. Not everyone has the same experience.

Graduates of the New Life Program are given more than a cap and gown and more than a piece of paper. They are given another chance at life. Anthony says it best in the video you are about to watch, “I needed a second chance or a third chance or a fourth chance.”

They are smiling, crying, hoping, and praying as they graduate the New Life Program. The three men you are about to meet display incredible strength in remaining sober, self-sufficient and part of their community. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.


St. Rose 7th Graders Get An A+

Walking into the gym at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Academy, I felt like a celeb.

The 7th graders greeted me with warm smiles and firm handshakes. Within seconds I noticed my name on the wall and my co-worker Aneta’s too. They had interviewed both of us over the phone months prior and wrote a paragraph about why we work with the homeless. Even my chair had my name on it! I sat next to other people who care for the homeless during a panel discussion for students, parents and teachers.

St. Rose students giving their presentation.

St. Rose Road Home was a year-long project for these students. They contacted numerous agencies working with the homeless, did hours of research and produced a pretty cool video. I commend these students and their teachers for diving into a tough issue. Something that is probably hard for a 12 or 13 year old to understand. But they nailed it! Thank you for including Denver Rescue Mission in your project and truly caring about the homeless men, women and children in our community. 

St. Rose students drawing.

St. Rose students drawing.

They also prayed a rosary over the homeless.

They also prayed a rosary over the homeless.