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Alexxa moved to Denver from Phoenix more than four years ago to follow a boy who eventually became her husband. But Denver had more in store for her than a man (Awwww!). She feels there’s no other explanation for her employment at the Mission, except for God’s guidance. Alexxa started as the Public Relations Coordinator and became Director in July 2011. Her favorite part of her job is the people; she loves the staff, program participants, interns and volunteers. She has spent the last four years making everyone smile and spreading the Mission’s heart to the masses. She also fills the hall with laughter, loud laughter. If she could be any celebrity, it would be Bill Gates because he uses his great power with great responsibility. She hates night lights, kind-of likes spin class and loves anything coconut. Also? She was supposed to be a boy named Alex.

The PR Desk: The Roof

Alexxa Sometimes in PR, you get to do fun and exciting things. Then there are days that just aren’t my fave. (We all have those,  right?)

Earlier this week, during a snowstorm, I went up on the roof of the Lawrence Street Shelter with our photographer to  figure out where to place a camera for a time lapse photo project.

This wasn’t my first time on the roof, but for some reason I had jitters climbing up the fire escape-type stairs to the top.

It was all worth it in the end. The view was beautiful, even in blowing snow. And, I captured this photo of the construction on the Lawrence Street Community Center, which just started this week!

Lawrence Street Roof

The PR Desk | Christmas Blessings

AlexxaChristmas time can be difficult for people at the Mission. It can bring up past memories or be a reminder of current situations. Let’s be honest, not everyone wants to spend the holidays at Denver Rescue Mission. But as our President Brad put it, we are so glad you are here. We are glad people who’ve come to us have the opportunity to create change in their lives.

This week, Mission staff along with community members purchased gifts for men in the New Life Program. The even known as Bless Our Brothers was a festive time where everyone received a gift and was served coffee and holiday treats. I feel privileged to work at the Mission and to serve the people here.

IMG_7600 IMG_7588 IMG_7527 IMG_7431

The PR Desk | Cleaning desks to provide meals

AlexxaLast week I had the opportunity to visit Eldorado Elementary in Highlands Ranch. The school hosted a turkey and canned food drive for Thanksgiving. They asked if we could come and talk to the kids at their assembly.

I have to say, speaking in front of kids is sometimes more intimidating than adults. But once my co-worker Jenn and I saw their smiling faces, the nerves went away. We talked about how the Mission helps people without homes and without food to eat. When we talked about how the Denver Broncos support us and event come volunteer, they were excited.

Eldorado ElementaryHere’s the part where I get emotional. Two students heard we were coming the week prior and decided they wanted to help. They offered to clean other students’ desks for a quarter each, with the intention of donating all the money to help people in need. (I know!) What amazing kids! I was blown away. They collected $10.05! We explained that they collected just enough money to feed five people a warm meaThank you Eldorado families for for thinking of others during this busy holiday season!l.
eldoradoschoolkidsThank you Eldorado families for for thinking of others during this busy holiday season.