Adventures of a Rescue Rider :: Day 5

So, if you have been following our blog posts this week, you are starting to get a pretty good idea of what our days look like: get up way too early, ride bicycles all day, eat, go to bed…

Today was much the same but also very special.

We started the morning cruising along the Colorado River heading out of Glenwood Springs on one of the most amazing bike paths in the world. While we pedaled, the sun came up and lit the canyon in colors that must be experienced, not explained. It was truly magnificent! While we can’t see God, we see the evidence of His existence through His creation.


As we covered our only stretch of gravel road this week, I noticed a pair of bald eagles watching us. Not only are they magnificent creatures, they are also very symbolic. In Scripture, the eagle is mentioned some twenty-six times as a means of illustration. Among other things, the eagle represents hope and strength. This is demonstrated in Isaiah, chapter 40, verse 31:

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

IMG_2948When I feel I cannot pedal another stroke, I think of this verse.  It provides me with the stamina and resilience necessary to endure and overcome the difficulties of the long climbs, hot sun and saddle sores.

The road once again turned up. We climbed all morning and into the afternoon before descending into the beautiful Yampa Valley to our finish in Steamboat Springs.  But personally, the best part of this day was getting off my bike and being reunited with my wife and kids after 6 days away from home.  Seeing their eager faces as we pulled in to Steamboat lifted my tired spirit.

Also, we had the pleasure of being treated to dinner by the awesome crew at BOA. It was great to meet just a few of the people who made this trip and our work at Denver Rescue Mission possible. Having such generous partners is invaluable to the Rescue Riders team, the Mission as a whole, and the people we serve. All in all, it was a great day.

Brian Newman

Brian Newman

Brian is the Agriculture Supervisor at Denver Rescue Mission. He's been riding bikes since he was 4. His bike gave him freedom to get away and go places. Often to get into trouble or get away from trouble (that he started)... In college he figured out that riding a bike was much cheaper than driving a car, and no one cared how he smelled. After college, Brian tried to make money riding his bike really fast, but still, no one cared how he looked or smelled. When he got married, Brian didn’t own a car, and continued to ride really fast, but also got a “real” job and learned to take a shower after he got home. He is still without a car, and doesn’t get to ride as much as he would like to because he walks to work. Riding in Break the Cycle brings two of his passions together: cycling and living Jesus’ requests, to help people who can’t help themselves and feed the hungry.

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