One Matters

One. Just one among thousands in our city that are homeless facing addiction, loss and pain. They matter. Changing one life matters. You see, I met Joseph at the Mission’s shelter the other week. He is beginning the New Life Program. He has a family who needs him to be sober – he wants to […]

Rachel’s Lens // Old Into New

Big things are happening at Denver Rescue Mission this week! As you may have heard, we are starting construction on our Lawrence Street Community Center. This is exciting for many reasons, one being the demolition of the building. Everyone’s inner child comes out when giant bulldozers start ripping through buildings. But before the bulldozing began, I got […]

Lessons Learned // Intern’s Edition

Written by Valerie, PR Intern There are some great people here at the Mission and, as a PR intern, I got to be a part of bits and pieces of their individual stories and learn wonderful lessons from them. Some of my favorite lessons include: Learning that you can find people who genuinely care everywhere, […]

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