Willpower Is Not Enough

Sometimes there are Psalms that jump off the page and into my heart. “Why so downcast, oh my soul. Why so disquieted within me?” is one of those brutally real verses that needs no interpretation, especially for those who have experienced the suffering of addiction.  I know that feeling of: something is wrong, why can’t […]

Rachel’s Lens // A Goodbye of Sorts

Well, the time has come. And it came a lot sooner than I thought it would. A couple months ago, I started a very tiny, very unofficial business. Some families I knew wanted portraits taken and I wanted to do it legally, so I bought an LLC, got some tax ID numbers, and threw some […]

One Matters

One. Just one among thousands in our city that are homeless facing addiction, loss and pain. They matter. Changing one life matters. You see, I met Joseph at the Mission’s shelter the other week. He is beginning the New Life Program. He has a family who needs him to be sober – he wants to […]

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