Lessons Learned // Intern’s Edition

Written by Valerie, PR Intern There are some great people here at the Mission and, as a PR intern, I got to be a part of bits and pieces of their individual stories and learn wonderful lessons from them. Some of my favorite lessons include: Learning that you can find people who genuinely care everywhere, […]

Rachel’s Lens // The heavy stuff

I’ve been doing a lot of self-examination lately. Even typing that sounds selfish. But sometimes, in order to be truly “others focused,” ya gotta check your own motives. And doing this kind of heart-check feels heavy, cumbersome and frankly, a little scary. Why do you do things for other people? What drives you? Do you do […]

The Journey

On any given Saturday morning there are endless options along the Colorado Front Range to enjoy the beautiful communities in which we live. This past Saturday morning a handful of Denver Rescue Mission staff met just as the sun was coming up at the Mission’s Harvest Farm in Wellington, Colorado to cycle to the Mission’s […]

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