Rachel’s Lens // The heavy stuff

I’ve been doing a lot of self-examination lately. Even typing that sounds selfish. But sometimes, in order to be truly “others focused,” ya gotta check your own motives. And doing this kind of heart-check feels heavy, cumbersome and frankly, a little scary. Why do you do things for other people? What drives you? Do you do […]

The Journey

On any given Saturday morning there are endless options along the Colorado Front Range to enjoy the beautiful communities in which we live. This past Saturday morning a handful of Denver Rescue Mission staff met just as the sun was coming up at the Mission’s Harvest Farm in Wellington, Colorado to cycle to the Mission’s […]

Rachel’s Lens // Traveling Generosity

My friend Julie is two things: extremely organized and extremely generous. I mean, she is much more than two things, but these are the two qualities that come to mind whenever I’m with her. She lives in California and is an Executive Director with Thirty-One Gifts, charged with leading a team of almost 150 women. […]

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