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Alexxa and I work with Denver media a lot. We are asked to be on live t.v., come on air for the radio and sometimes we are asked to cook turkey-a-la-king. This time of month, we are on t.v. more than usual. I actually just got back from taping with 7 News. I’ve done it […]

Home for the Holidays

It’s tough being away from family during the holidays. Actually it’s tough being away from family for all 365 days of the year, but the distance seems to sink in deeper around the holidays. When my wife and I moved to Colorado neither of us anticipated the effect the distance would have on us, on […]

A day in the life

Just another day at the office… This year, with the creative genius of our videographer, Justin Rounds of Switch 10 Productions, we collaborated on a TV commercial that grabs viewers’ attention. A few weeks ago we filmed the commercial. I had the opportunity to meet Nicolete and Troy. Two people who have differing thoughts on […]

Denver Rescue Mission Statistics