Yesterday we rested in Eugene, Oregon. So far it’s been a lot of moaning a groaning about how stiff and achy we are. The long distances, cold, rain, and saddle soars are keeping us thoroughly exhausted. A rest day is certainly in order. We live in a fast-paced world and rest rarely seems to be on […]

Day of Rest

Today, the Rescue Riders are in Eugene, Oregon where they will enjoy a day of rest on this 10 day cycling journey. Our fundraising goal of 25,000 meals is in sight! Spread the word to help us feed the homeless and hungry. Now, a few words from Jeff Dines. Yesterday’s ride started in Chemult, Oregon on a […]

Break the Cycle // Soaked to the Bone

I live and work on a farm spending most of my days outside in the weather. I spent yesterday soaked to the bone by the same rain that God provides to give life to our crops and feed our cattle. The work at Harvest Farm is not possible without the help and support of our sponsors and […]

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