Do Not Lose Heart

First of all, I want to thank all of our sponsors and donors for supporting Break the Cycle ll. They are: QBQ!, 1st Bank, Russ Reid, US Foods, Venture Sports, Polar Bottle, Speedpro Imaging, BOA Closure System, and Red Rocks Century. Without your support, our efforts on this ride would be in vain! I woke up […]

I’m dirty and I stink

Most of the day I’m dirty and I stink (so does everyone else with whom I’m riding – I swear it’s not just me), but I’ll get a warm, muscle soothing shower in a few minutes. I’m hungrier than you could possibly imagine, but I can open the doors to our support van and find […]

Break the Cycle // Plenty of Surprises on Day 2

          Day 2 started out as a cold morning in Quincy, CA. After a quick drive to where we left off the day before: about 12 miles north of town, in the Feather River Gorge; we began a 22 mile “gentle” climb up along CA 89 to Lake Almanore. As we […]

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