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Krumm Hang, Denver Rescue Mission PR Intern

Krumm Hang, Denver Rescue Mission PR Intern

My name is Krumm Hang and I became involved with Denver Rescue Mission through my organization, Asian Hope. They have been partners with the Mission for a while now. Asian Hope is also a non-profit and currently they are putting me through college in California at a Christian school called the Master’s College. Asian Hope is changing the future of vulnerable Cambodian kids by protecting and equipping them with an education so they can be empowered to give back to the community. Its headquarters is in Denver, Colorado, but the program itself is in Cambodia.

During the summer, I stay in the States and try to look for internships that relate to my major, communication-electronic media, or something that I am interested in. I have been interning with Denver Rescue Mission for two summers already and this is my third summer here. This summer, I decided to do something that is closely related to my major. This year I am an intern for the PR department (public relations). My first two summers I interned as a Volunteer Coordinator and with the Database crew as part of the IT department. I am doing different internships every summer because I want to explore the different possibilities out there. I have big goals and dreams when I return to Cambodia next year. As of right now, I am exploring the waters and seeing what I can take back with me.

As an international student, at times looking for internships can be a bit challenging. If you do find one, you either have to get a car or some kind of transportation, which I don’t have. With the Mission providing accommodations such a place to stay, meals and bus passes to be able to explore different places, this means a lot to me. They also give a small stipend to spend during the internship.


Krumm (left) and his brother Hocklee (right) with Christopher Yuan, author of "Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son's Journey to God, A Broken Mother's Search for Hope" and instructor at Moody Bible Institute

Krumm (left) and his brother Hocklee (right) with Christian speaker and author Christopher Yuan

Krumm (upper left) with fellow Asian Hope international students

Krumm (upper left) with fellow Asian Hope students

Krumm (upper right) enjoying the Denver sunshine with friends

Krumm (upper right) enjoying the Denver sunshine with friends










I see this as a God given opportunity for me to learn all that I can and want to do. Through all the internships that I have done with Denver Rescue Mission, I can say I have learned a lot. As a Volunteer Coordinator Intern, I have learned the importance of socializing and building relationships with people. I have learned what it means to have a heart that wants to serve and love others just like God instructed us. Being a Database Intern, I have learned to collect and gather information through long hours of meeting. One must be patient and keep a collective mind in order not to lose sight of important pieces of the conversations. I have not interned long as a PR Intern, but I am currently trying to learn the differences between PR, marketing, and advertising. I am also trying to learn all that I can about photography and the aspect of fundraising. I am trying to put together a portfolio as well.

I will use all that I have learned to go into ministry and eventually start a soup kitchen and start a transitional program. My heart is working with the poor in some way, but I have not figured out what I really want to do just yet. I also want to animate Bible stories in Khmer (the language of Cambodia) and use that as a way of bringing the gospel to the people of Cambodia, both the illiterate and the literate.

If you are interested in an internship with Denver Rescue Mission click here for more information. 

Hump Day is Help Day at Keller Bros. Auto Repair

Hump Day is Help Day at Keller Bros. Auto Repair

Hump Day Is Help Day

This month, every Wednesday and Thursday Keller Bros. Auto Repair in Littleton will donate $5 for EVERY oil change to the Denver Rescue Mission.

At the Mission, our hearts smile when local companies take a stand to help the most vulnerable members of our community. Keller Bros. Auto Repair in Littleton started their Hump Day is Help Day program nine months ago to “fuel” social change. This month’s guest blogger and Keller Bros. Local Store Marketing Specialist, Emily Adams, shares more about this meaningful program and how you (and your car) can get involved…

At Keller Bros. Auto Repair, we love our community, and we know you do too. That’s why we strive to give back and support those who do so much for our Denver community.

Keller Bros. has been a proud supporter of the Denver Rescue Mission for many years. Denver Rescue Mission is an important organization in our community in and around Denver, committed to serving those in need with the many programs to help them become productive and self-sufficient citizens. We are proud to support these efforts every way we can – whether it’s through employee volunteers, donations of goods and money or spreading the word of the Mission.

This month, we’re excited to support Denver Rescue Mission again with our “Hump Day is Help Day” program. Every Wednesday and Thursday in July, we will donate $5 for EVERY full-priced oil change we perform to the Denver Rescue Mission. Now your preventative maintenance goes even further — not only will you be able to keep your vehicle safe on the road, you’ll get more miles out of every dollar AND support our community!

This month marks the fourth time Keller Bros. has featured Denver Rescue Mission in the “Hump Day is Help Day” program. To date, we’ve been able to raise over $500 through oil changes and customer donations, which translates to 234 meals. Our auto repair shop in Littleton is also a Denver Rescue Mission donation collection center. We keep large bins in our waiting area for customers to drop off donations of canned goods, clothing and food for the Denver Rescue Mission.

Each year, Denver Rescue Mission continues to make a bigger difference in our community. All of us at Keller Bros. are honored to have played a small part in that mission and look forward to continuing to support these efforts in the years to come.

To our loyal customers, “Hump Day is Help Day” supporters and Denver Rescue Mission allies, thank you for helping Keller Bros. support our community. We couldn’t do it without you. All of us at Keller Bros. are committed to fueling our community – through car care, collecting food, providing meals and supporting those who do so much for our community.

To learn more about how you can help the Denver Rescue Mission with your next oil change, stop by Keller Bros. Auto Repair in Littleton or call our team at 303-347-1010. We hope to see you on a Wednesday or Thursday “Hump Day” this month to support the Mission!

We live here. We love it here. And we hope it shows.