June 2012 Posts

Passion for frozen yogurt – Passion for community

Guest blogger: Jeff Gansneder, Bliss Owner

I am originally from Seattle and spent time living in Florida and North Carolina. I recently fell in love with Denver, and knew it was the place where I wanted to live and start my own business – this was a start to a fresh adventure in the frozen yogurt business!

There are many frozen yogurt shops popping up everywhere, and we wanted Bliss to standout, and that’s why focusing on community is our passion. We began building a sense of community by creating an experience. Bliss has an open garage door, slate brick wall, flat screen TVs, Wi-Fi, ultra modern furniture, a chalkboard wall, board games and friendly staff!! Those elements allow us to build relationships.

A healthy community includes giving back. Since Bliss’ opening 7 months ago, we’ve already partnered with local schools, communities groups, and sports teams.

This week, a portion of all sales and non-perishable food items are being donated to Denver Rescue Mission (DRM). The work and the heart of the Mission is inspiring. They have enriched our community by providing services to those most in need for over 120 years. Bliss is honored to work hand in hand with them, and excited to collaborate in order to make a difference!

So come enjoy a cool treat and give back to your community! See you soon.

Family Night hosted by KLOVE at Bliss. Stop by on Friday from 2 – 8 p.m. and meet some DRM and KLOVE staff. Don’t forget your food items to donate.

To learn more about Bliss, visit our Facebook page.

Serving the Community, One Person At a Time

Hello my name is Tanner, and I am the Client Services Coordinator here at Denver Rescue Mission. Our department handles about 13,000 visits every year. It sounds like a lot, but thanks to hard working staff, volunteers and program participants we are able to positively impact the lives of individual and families who come to us daily.

Right now, we are completely out of men’s underwear. We are also greatly in need of men’s pants in all sizes. The majority of men in our New Life Program are coming from the streets and only have the clothes on their back. Clean clothes and a fresh pair of underwear helps their self esteem and gives them a positive attitude that will greatly affect their journey to self-sufficiency. Think about how you would feel if you went to work in the same clothes every day?

Clothing room at the Ministry Outreach Center.

If you can donate clothing or new underwear, check out our website for drop off locations. You can also purchase underwear and other needed items from our Amazon Wishlist.

Your compassion and generosity are greatly appreciated. With your support, we are able to help our homeless and hurting neighbors. Thank you!

-Tanner Cogsdil, Client Services Coordinator