January 2012 Posts

Champa House Women Serve their Community

Every day, at Denver Rescue Mission we see many people in our community stepping up to lend a hand, make a donation or simply pass on compassion to someone who is down and out. What’s really special is when people who have recently experienced homelessness, addiction, unemployment or hopelessness, reach out to help and encourage others in their community.  A recent example happened during the Christmas season; four women who are currently living at Champa House organized a service event at Volunteers of America’s Sunset Park.

Champa House provides a long-term program for single women with dependent children. Part of their program and healing process, is to learn how to give back and think of others.

Most of the Sunset Park residents are elderly and don’t get a chance to see their family often. When the Champa House women spent an entire morning with the residents, they noticed how happy they were over a simple game of Bingo. The women enjoyed the experience and opportunity to show kindness to others.