August 2011 Posts

Summer of Hope Hygiene Drive

Imagine getting ready for a job interview. You take a shower, shave, and make sure you have clean and neatly combed hair to match your sparkling white smile. You put on our best outfit, to give the impression of a well put together individual ready to take on the world. When we are clean, we feel powerful and confident. Now, imagine going to a job interview without showering or shaving. The pivotal moment of trying to sell yourself, while competing with hundreds of other applicants is disrupted by the lack of basic personal hygiene.

For many men and women, this is a reality. Thousands of men, women and children in our community don’t have enough money for food, let alone essential hygiene items. The lack of daily necessities makes the odds of getting and keeping a job in this economy decrease.

Here’s how you can help! Join the Denver Rescue Mission as we partner with Walgreens, Mix100, 92.5 The Wolf, and KOOL 105 in our Summer of Hope Hygiene Drive. From August 1st through August 21st, visit any Metro Denver or Northern Colorado Walgreens store and fill up a Hope Tote bag with much needed items such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, disposable razors, deodorant and more. Drop donations in the Hope Tote bins as you leave the store. Click here for a full list of items. This is an easy and inexpensive way to help an individual or family in our community feel clean and confident. In many ways a Hope Tote can be the first step toward a new life. Business travelers, don’t forget to take the shampoos and soaps from your hotel. Travel sized items are needed for guests at the Lawrence Street Shelter.

Thank you for making this a Summer of Hope for the homeless and low-income in the Denver community.